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We're ready to roll. With existing technology, you can deploy AI enhanced software within your business today.

With our focus on LLM technology we can help you integrate with OpenAI or other cloud based services.

AI Technology Use Cases & Inspiration

We want you to know that we're here to provide practical solutions using AI, below are a couple of examples of what can be deployed right now.

Semantic Search: Harness the Power of Understanding

While a lot of search engines are based on keywords, semantic search goes beyond keyword matching to understand the intent and context behind search queries. This has become possible with the advent of large language models.

Semantic search takes search terms, splits them up into tokens (like words or phrases), and turns those tokens into vectors (math numbers) which the Large Language Model then analyzes to grasp the deep meaning of your words, allowing it to match your query with the most relevant information or answers by comparing meaning.

This basic building block is one powerful tool in the AI toolbox.

Unstructured to Structured Data: Unlock the full potential

While handling vast amounts of data, businesses often encounter a mix of unstructured information - like emails, social media interactions, and documents that traditional databases can't easily organize or understand.

Large Language Models meticulously analyze unstructured data, identifying key elements, themes, and patterns. It can then organize these insights into structured formats - such as tables or databases - that are easily searchable and analyzable.

We can provide software which goes beyond what LLMs can do out of the box, by integrating with your existing data sources and mixing AI with good old fashioned software engineering.

And the rest...

The above are just two practical examples of what's now possible, but "that's not all!"

We're happy to have a chat about what AI can do for you, whether it's something from the above or one of many other use cases.

( Yes, if you want an AI chatbot, you can talk to us about that as well! ) · +64 9 8877 448

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